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When you live in Mobile, it is easy to feel as though you're always seeing new faces - people who are just coming through for a short time, or have recently moved here to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings.

If you need help with a bail bond, however, you can trust that there is a truly locally owned and operated company here for you.
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Worrying about yourself when you are in jail is often far less stressful than worrying about your family while you're away. Get out of jail and back to them as fast as possible with our 24 hour services. We can come to any jail in Baldwin County at any time.

The process

  • A bail amount is decided
  • We post the bond
  • You pay us a percentage fee
  • You promise to return for your court date

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Mobile County Office Location

351-B Palmetto Street
Located inside Bailout Bonding


Mobile Court Information

Municipal, District, and Circuit Court for Mobile County and the City of Mobile are located at
205 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36603. Below you will find information specific to the different jurisdictions housed in this building.

City of Mobile Municipal Court

Court for the City of Mobile is held on the second floor of Government Plaza. There are three different courtrooms that could have your case. There will be either a docket outside each courtroom or there will be a clerk checking you in upon arrival. Either the clerk or the docket sheet will be able to tell you what courtroom your case will be called in. This floor handles all violations, traffic tickets, and misdemeanors that are issued by the City of Mobile Police Department. The pay window for Municipal Court is located on the ground floor beside the ATM.

Mobile County District Court

District Court is held on the fourth floor of Government Plaza. There are currently four Judges who hold court on the fourth floor.

  • Judge Hardesty in Courtroom 4100
  • Judge Phillips in Courtroom 4300
  • Judge Sherling in Courtroom 4400
  • Judge Basenberg in Courtroom 4600

All new arrests for Felonies and misdemeanors that accompany those felony arrests, as well as, any violations, traffic tickets, or misdemeanors that are issued by a Mobile County Sheriff’s Deputy, or other state agency start on this floor. There is a docket located at the information desk on the fourth floor that will be able to tell you what judge or courtroom that your case will be called in. The clerk’s offices for District Court are on the third floor of Government Plaza.

Mobile County Circuit Court

Circuit Court is held on either the sixth or eighth floor of Government Plaza. The 13th Circuit Court handles all cases indicted by a Mobile County Grand Jury, as well as, all Municipal and District Court appeals. This is the highest state court in Mobile County.

There are dockets on each floor which show what courtroom your case will be in. The clerk’s office for Circuit Court is on the ninth floor, as with District Court, the clerk’s office is where you would pay court ordered monies and get information about your case.

Remember to get your reminder slip from the courtroom before you leave. It is extremely important that you do not leave before you see the judge or until the clerk dismisses you.
351 Palmetto St
Mobile, AL 36603
Office Located inside Bailout Bonding

all Star bail bond Mobile County Office


Mobile County Metro Jail

450 Saint Emmanuel Street
Mobile, AL 36601