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Bail Bond Services in Gulf Shores, AL

Put your trust in a life-long resident of the community

Coping with the effects of being arrested is stressful for anyone. During this time you want to know you have someone by your side that is going to help you make important decisions.

You can trust our dedication to providing compassionate services to the members of our community. With a 2012 population of 10,118 and roughly 2,300 households, the Gulf of Mexico coastal city of Gulf Shores is a small town that can rely on the services of our life-long Baldwin County residents.

Look to us for a personal touch

Going to jail is an embarrassing experience. No matter what your charges, trust us to provide respectful, dignified, and confidential services to get you out of your cell and back to your life as fast as possible.

How does the process work?

If you have never been arrested, the process of getting out can seem overwhelming. Let us make it easier for you. After you've been arrested, a bail amount will be set. We will post a bond, effectively covering this amount for you in exchange for a percentage as our fee. You are then committed to returning to court on your court date, or the entire amount comes due and you are re-arrested.

Gulf Shores City Jail

220 Clubhouse Drive
Gulf Shores, AL 36547

Gulf Shores Municipal court

203 Clubhouse Drive - Suite A
Gulf Shores, AL 36547